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Rinjani Photo



Subregion Name:

Indonesia-Lesser Sunda Islands

Volcano Type:


Volcano Status:


Last Eruption:

September 2004

Summit Elevation:

3726 m





Rinjani volcano on the island of Lombok rises to 3726 m, second in height among Indonesian volcanoes only to Sumatra's Kerinci volcano. Rinjani has a steep-sided conical profile when viewed from the east, but the west side of the compound volcano is truncated by the 6 x 8.5 km, oval-shaped Segara Anak caldera. The western half of the caldera contains a 230-m-deep lake whose crescentic form results from growth of the post-caldera cone Barujari at the east end of the caldera. Historical eruptions at Rinjani dating back to 1847 have been restricted to Barujari cone and consist of moderate explosive activity and occasional lava flows that have entered Segara Anak lake.




Rinjani Volcano is a 3723 m high stratovolcano which located at 825' S  and 11628' E, in West Nusatenggara , Lombok. It has a caldera with 2.4 km by 4.8 km in size and also Segara Anak Lake inside this caldera. There are two activity centres which are located at the eastern part of caldera namely Barujari and Rombongan cones.

According to Neumann Van Padang (1951,p.164), Rinjani Complex topping in North Lombok, mainly composes of young volcanic formation. The highest and steepest part of Rinjani Cone composes of loose material. A crater is found up there, with 650 m x 860 m in size at the height of 3726 - 3414 m above sea level.  No eruption has came out from this crater was recorded. Actually, this peak is the highest cone of Segara Anak Caldera Wall.

Segara Anak Lake becomes a tourist destination, because of its beautifulness and easy accessibility. The following list is the way to reach Rinjani area.
1. Through Bayan - Sinaru (north)
    Sinaru can be reached through the capital city of Mataram by vehicle ( one day driving ). 
2. Through Bayan - Torean ( north northeast )
3. Through Sembalun Lawang ( southeast )
4. Through Sajang
Through Kumbi (Sesaut)